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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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In my first watch through during First Run, Greer was at the top of my "Space him now" list, it wasn't until the episode in S2 where they are trapped (Via stone-travel) on Earth in the Bunker that I was able to start appreciating him, and I enjoyed him more each episode thereafter. In my rewatch of the opener, my feelings haven't changed, he still annoys me in a bad way, but, at least I know his character gets better
The one I hated was Wray. Greer has some subtlety to him, though it irks how unprofessional he is. Guess you could say that about the whole lot though. I just enjoy Greer's passive aggressiveness.
Yea, Wray and the Colonel, Rush, Greer.

Most of them became better written/acted (IMHO) late S1/S2
Well said. I didn't like Greer in the beginning. I thought he was being too much of a hard ass, although there's a lot about his character we didn't know at that point. He'd been a very bad boy, apparently. The actor who portrays him doesn't reveal his talents until later. And then it pours out. The guy nailed this role, through and through.

"Air" is very slow paced once the Lucian alliance attack starts. Too much footage on getting everyone to the gate. I understood the plot device to severely injure the Senator, but the pace could've been kicked up a notch. And then all of the "settling in" moments, trying to figure out what systems work and then realizing air was the top priority. The time on the desert planet was a bit long too... could've been trimmed down by a few minutes.

Seeing it all through Eli's eyes is terrific, despite the "geek effect" exaggerations. At first it feels like he's struggling with the role, but on the other hand, the "uneasiness" of his depiction falls in line with his character. This isn't just an actor. He's a sci-fi nut who is reveling in a "dream come true" for being involved with such a high tech sci-fi series. So, some of that comes through but it works.

S1 takes a long while to get a rhythm going. And then there's a conflict later on that derails the progress until S2. I won't discuss exactly what it is now (save for later), only to say that had they not taken that detour, a lot more time could've been spent doing INTERESTING THINGS instead of wasting 3-4 episodes. It was another "bump in the road" for SG-U that probably helped stifle the ratings.
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