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Re: Shatner moderated a TNG reunion in Boston 6/8/13

Adam the con organizer sat with her the entire time and engaged her in a gentle conversation, leading her to tell various well known stories of her past. She tended to repeat herself frequently during her recollections, and sometimes did not tell the particular story he was suggesting or did not tell it in the manner she's told us in the past.

To be fair... George Takei also was long winded in his answers to questions, and sometimes went off on an unexpected tangent, but more like the way a political candidate does in a debate... answering a question he wants rather than what the questioner wants.

To be fair once more, both Shatner and Takei had trouble hearing the questions and processing some of them, but I really think it was simply an auditory issue.

Since Adam monopolized (wisely) Nichelle's time on stage with his give & take format, I think she only took 1 or 2 questions from the audience.

In the autograph line I had to repeat myself twice to let her know what an important role model she was in my youth, but once she heard me she "got it", smiled and not only personalized my photo, she added a blessing to it too.

What a sweet, amazing woman.

I felt honored to meet her and pleased to tell her yet again how much she came to mean to young girls all across America.
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