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Re: Was the U.S.S. Horatio an Ambassador Variant?

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For myself, there was the variant USS Antares, with its registry of NCC-9844. I tend to think of this as the class ship of the Antares-class starship. Several of these ships were seen near Starbase 375.

The Centaur-type, Curry-type, Norway-class, and Yeager-type were identified in the battle to retake DS9 by the DS9: Tech Manual. An Okudagram identified the Olympic-class taking part in the Dominion War. Dialogue places the Rigel-class in that war.

According to causality reports, and using information from the Encyclopedia, the Apollo-class, the Constellation-class, the Hokule'a-class, the Istanbul-class, and the Surak-class were involved in that war.
While this is all true, I was referring to the actual CGI fleet shots, and why only seven ship classes were represented (plus one Nebula in one shot), with the majority of the number of ships being outdated Miranda and Excelsior classes. I know I sound like a broken record because I've posted this so many times, but I hope that when DS9 gets remastered, the original CGI VFX gets replaced with new scenes with new ships.

Also, I think listing the Norway in the DS9 Tech Manual was a mistake; I think they meant to put the Steamrunner there and got their artwork mixed up.

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For some real fun, trying throwing the FASA-original Ambassador into the mix.
I have that FASA manual. It was written before the link between the Ambassador class and the Enterprise-C was known, so this wasn't supposed to represent the Ent-C. Which is good, because it's just a bad kitbash of Constitution parts.
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