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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

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So, am I the only one who was emotionally moved by the Skitter Red-Eye War Paint? No one else (that I've noticed) has mentioned it? Did I miss it's inclusion last season? I didn't see previews. was it in the previews? Just wondering why I was so moved by something no one else has mentioned
I assumed that the good skitters used it to distinguish themselves from the bad ones, like the "red sash" cylons in nuBSG: Daybreak.
But it was obviously in honor of The Skitter Freedom Fighter with the Eye injury that was referred to by the Humans as "Red-Eye" who gave his life for the cause. I was really sad to see him killed off last Season, they made me care about him/her/it.
I didn't remember to mention it in earlier posts, but I thought that was pretty cool too. I was really sad to see Red Eye die at the end of last season, so I thought that was a cool way to pay tribute to him in universe, and in the real world it was a nice way to identify the Rebel Skitters.
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