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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

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Nostalgia. It wasn't better before.
So I guess they should take the Hugo award away from City on the Edge of Forever, remove the Enterprise from the Smithsonian, and strike Trek from all top-10 lists of greatest TV shows of all time because it's all just rose-colored-glasses. Thanks for the tip.

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Prime Trek isn't coming back. Nemesis and Enterprise killed Prime Trek. Instead of yelling at J.J. Abrams, yell at Rick Berman.
Why does it have to be one or the other? I'll yell at them both. And add Bill Shatner for Trek V while you're at it.

I don't see why it is people associate those who don't like JJ Trek as rubber-stamping all prime-continuity stuff. If anything, we're just pickier than most about Trek in general.
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