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Re: concept art and set photos!

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At no time did I imply that I have to trick myself into ignoring the lens flares. I merely said that since I was engrossed in the events of the film, they didn't distract me from it or take me out of the story in any way.
This is a guy who's about to do Star Wars. This is not "My Dinner with Andre". The film had a lot of money spent on it and it is absolutely screaming for people to be engrossed in the look of it. Especially now with the 3D.

For someone to say that they are so engrossed in the story and the drama that the look is inconsequential is, well, let's just say it's not how I think most people view that film. It generally polarizes people into either loving the look or hating the look.

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I said he seemed to use it far less in this film versus the last.
How would you know if you were too engrossed in the story to notice them? Were you keeping count?

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Regardless, filmmakers should not have to compromise their work based on the inconsistent whims of the audience.
Stubborn auteurs can either lead to masterpieces like 2001 that were underappreciated at first or verifiable train-wrecks like Heaven's Gate. JJ ain't no Kubrick.

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Plus, your comparison of a aesthetically motivated camera trick that has no bearing on the plot of the film and has been included in it from the start to a major alteration in the established behavior of a chief character and events of a film after said film had already been hugely popular for twenty years is completely ridiculous.
This thread is about the art of the picture, and the cinematography (i.e. lens flares) is a valid topic. You're the one stressing the other facets.

People do have a right to dislike a picture based solely on its look, even if it has other redeeming qualities.
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