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Re: Cool, Syfy UK are showing DS9!

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These aren't proper fans I'm talking about, just friends and associates. Whenever I bring up Star Trek (I have no social skills, OK?), I always mention DS9 is my favourite and almost universally get a bad reaction. I then press people on why they don't like it and they clearly know nothing about the show so it must be some bandwagon. I'm lucky if people even know it's "the one with the black captain."
I've noticed that too over the last 2 decades, you rarely meet anyone here in the UK who has heard of or likes DS9, and if you do, they are almost always fairly hardcore Trek fans.

Although... I was lucky enough to have a friend at secondary school who was a Trek fan, and we stayed friends until way after I finished university, and he absolutely hated DS9, barely acknowledging its existence. He of course totally adored Voyager.
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