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Re: The abundance of ideas for a new trek show.

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It's not my impression that studios are particularly interested in fandom "investing" itself. They don't seem concerned with the long term, anyway.
That's what sucks. Seeing franchises fall and fail because of whim decisions. I enjoyed the remake and all but i felt they should have stayed on the continuing mission path. I feel they did what they did to reach new audiences but they could have done it in the next gen era. ^Read that Starfleet Academy post.
I agree. Nemesis didn't fail. Bring back Prime!"

. . . . .

Hang on. . . . .

Nemesis did fail.

Reboots have happened before:

Sherlock Holmes (House, Sherlock, Downey Jr., Holmes), Marvel, DC, Lost in Space and Transformers.

Prime Trek isn't coming back. Nemesis and Enterprise killed Prime Trek. Instead of yelling at J.J. Abrams, yell at Rick Berman.
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