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Re: Every Star Trek Blueprint in existence!?!

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@Bernard you are AMAZING!! but i'm trying to put the pieces together. that link shows "an early version of unigraphics" do you mean autocad? was autocad an early version of unigraphics? Also, why was los Alamos labs producing these images? I have an original framed autocad blueprint of the image from the link. what do I have?
Hello Chrislyn
As BJ says Unigraphics is its own software. As the article says
the drawing file was used to to check plotters IE Very Large Printers and display screen refresh rates. We are talking the Infancy of cad here. Every plotter and Display manufacturer did things differently. So you needed to calibrate your plotter and Displays with your computer system.
I came across the Unigraphics Uss Enterprise File, while I was studying drafting this was 1987.
I was learning how to use the McAUTO Unigraphics software on the college mainframe. In order to operate the College's Unigraphics software at the time you had the following. 2 large screens one for the display, one showing the commands and sub menus. a command box where you entered your main commands, Ie Line, Circle, Box etc. A joystick with a button on top. pick points on the display screen. as well a your key board for typing in text. It was quite a Large clunky system

Under the heading FEB 1985 there is a picture showing that is very close to what I was using at the time. the college had a VAX mainframe.

At lunch times I/d go down to the Unigraphics lab and Kitbash from that same file the other FJ ships as well as some SFB ones. I then plotted them out on 24 x 36 inch sheets made 3 sets One for my self one for a friend who helped me and one for the Drafting teacher for his son.

You asked about Commercial value. Well the only value would be the frame that the drawing is in. It was never a commercial item. Any one who had access to the Unigraphics software and a ploter and had that sample drawing could produce that drawing. You said yours is on actual blueprint paper. Then someone plotted it to vellum, then made a blueprint copy.
Please note that old fashion blueprints are very sensitive to light and will fade over time.

If anyone has a DXF version of this cad file and wouldn't mind sharing it I'd love to get a copy for sentiments sake

I hope this helps you
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