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Posted by Trubinator: My only issue with it so far is the way everyone is now dressed in makeup. Last season they seemed like real people, but now they just look and feel like actors. Just look at the lighting and the amount of touch up they've been given. I want that ditched immediately.
As someone who very much observes these sorts of things I have to say I disagree. If anything it's been more rough this season. For a good portion of the season we have had people on Kobol and Caprica not looking their best. Kara is terminally scruffy or greasy Not that there is anything wrong with that it suits her Laura seems to have given up on doing the Charlies Angel hair do and she seems to be sticking with the brush it and leave it approach.

Besides even if they did have a few occassions where they would where a bit more make up I don't get the issue. What woman isn't going to pack make up on a space flight?

Have you seen how many nail polishes Laura had on her bedside table? there were at least 5 or 6 there and she was only going to the Big G for a day
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