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Re: External Hard Drive Won't Work

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So I had an external hard drive on my computer that worked perfectly fine. Then I moved. When I took it back out, it didn't work. When I plugged it in, it didn't even spin up the way it used to. I tried it on two PCs and a laptop... nothing.

So, I assumed it broke in the move.

I bought a brand new external drive. And the same thing happened. Plugged it in and attached it... nothing happened!

Am I doing something stupid? Or did I manage to break one, then buy a broken one?
How long have you had it? I've discovered those USB powered drives typically last maybe two years if you're lucky. I've had three in the last four years myself, and one of those died within six months. I just bought a new one around my birthday this past April, and so far, it's working great.

Now, I'm not saying that you shouldn't try everything everybody else here has said to try. Some of the troubleshooting advice has helped me in the past, but, yeah, those drives that are powered by the USB port don't typically last long.
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