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Re: Was moving 'The Next Generation' over to movies a bad decision?

Look at it this way: I honestly think that Nemesis and the NuTrek reboots have got a lot more in common than most people would be willing to admit. But the difference IMO is one of outlook and how the cast dynamic works. The TNG cast were repeatedly slotted into plots which quite frankly didn't play to their strengths. Picard and his crew are not "action heroes", but Paramount wanted action movies. The thing about the reboot cast is that the character dynamic has been tailored towards what Paramount expects a Star Trek movie to be. The TNG movies however were not what fans expected the TNG characters to be. There was a fundamental disconnect between the cast and their history from the TNG series, and what they were actually being asked to do in those movies.

I think you could slot the Dune Buggy sequence into any one of the NuTrek movies, with Chris Pine's version of Captain Kirk going crazy behind the wheel while Spock fires at the natives with the onboard gun, and nobody would bat an eyelid. It would rile a certain subsection of fandom no doubt about it, but within the context of those characters it'd be perfectly fine. Put Captain Picard in that situation and it's a whole different ball game. We know Picard. We know he wouldn't act like that.
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