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Re: Why Let Khan Live?

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Just to clarify, Starfleet officers are expected to respect the laws of other cultures...
To the extent that the legal systems of recognized governments have jurisdiction over crimes committed in their territory. That's a LEGAL reality, not a Starfleet regulation; that would be binding on Kirk whether he was in Starfleet or not.

Ironically, Eminiar Seven makes for a case study in the applicability in Federation law, since technically the accidental targeting of the Enterprise would constitute an act of war. Strictly speaking, the Enteprise destroying their battle computers would be an appropriate counter-attack in the Federation's participation in that simulated war, especially since the loss of the computer eliminates the Eminian's ability to wage simulated war and thus Enterprise can declare simulated victory.

All the rest is just vandalism, for which Kirk probably received a bill and a reprimand from Commodore Wesley.

I'm glad to see that another TBBS veteran shares the same point of view.
Hell, I thought I was the only one.
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