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Re: Season THREE OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

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Early TNG? Interesting.

Interesting because I actually prefer early TNG to the later stuff. Yes, it's hit or miss (mostly miss) but it actually feels more like the future than do the later seasons. There's a sense of wonder and discovery that just isn't there later on when it seems we've charted most of space and keep running into the same rubber-foreheaded aliens again and again.
Yup. Seasons one and two of TNG have always been my favorites of Modern Trek.
On top of that, the early seasons look better, more cinematic. They're much better lit and they're benefiting more from the HD remaster than I think the later seasons will.
I really like the work Ed brown did on Seasons one and two... and those seasons definitely benefit greatly from the new film scans. I do, however, prefer Marvin Rush's photography over that of Brown's. I like the way Rush re-interpreted the look of TNG. He made it brighter and crisper, more colorful, while still allowing for contrasty, low-key lighting when the script called for it. And the new tabular grain film stock they switched to at the start of S3 (5296) really makes the show pop in a way it didn't previously. Like Robert Meyer Burnett said, it looks like candy. It really lends itself to HD and looks fabulous on Blu-ray.
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