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Re: Where's the Main Computer in STID?

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Khan announces himself as a 300 year old war criminal and no one (not even Spock!) ever asks the computer what war, what crimes, what genetic engineering, who this Khan was 300 years before.

It's a tad odd. It would have been odd in TOS (after all, in Space Seed, as soon as they have Khan's name they call up the history on the main computer), but it really stands out as weird in the age of Google.
And they would have had an opportunity to do this... when?

Honestly. The ship is getting shot to pieces by a deranged Starfleet admiral with the biggest scariest starship you've ever seen, and your first instinct is to jump on a computer and google the first name of that guy you've got locked up in the brig downstairs.

Try running a google search for the word "Khan" and ignore all the Star Trek references. Now try doing that while in the middle of a gun fight with your ship falling apart around you.
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