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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Armus. The skin of evil.
B is for Battle of Klach D'Kel Brakt.
C is for Carol Marcus. The hot one with the British accent.
D is for Deltived asteroid belt.
E is for Erselrope Wars.
F is for Forward. Deck 10. Also known as Ten-Forward. Riker's favorite spot on-board ship. And the real reason he didn't want to leave the Enterprise.
G is for Gav. Tellarite Ambassador.
H is for Hirogen Hunters.
I is for "I choose. I....choose." I guess Rayna Kopec was a Teapartyer.
J is for Jaradan language. Complex and extremely difficult for other species to successfully speak.
K is for K-7. Space Station K-7. I hear that all these years later. People are still ocsasionally finding tribbles.
L is for Letheans.
M is for Mintakens.
N is for Napeans.
O is for Organians.
P is for Platonius.
Q is for Q'pla!
R is for Romulan Senate.
S is for Sarpeidon.
T is for Tellarite tempers.
U is for Uniforms. Why is Kirk the only Captain to get his torn on a regular basis?
V is for Vidiian faces. Uglier than a steak and sauce thrown into the blades of a propeller.
W is for Wesley Crusher. Everyone's "favorite" Mary Sue.
X is for Xindi weapons research.
Y is for "Yea-ay Brother....Yea-ay. We are one."
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