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Re: ST Games I'd Like To See

A bioware type RPG, I'd be comfortable with it generally being a third person shooter if they managed to get the feel of species really fleshed out as well as get a sense of exploration like Mass Effect 1 did with the land based sections. But here's where it diverges from ME, make space BIG, I mean really big, and show it at the scale, not just like the ME map, but something like this tech demo:

I couldn't do the scripting but I know what I'd want to do, have all the star systems plotted out, much like how the program Stellaria does, when you go to warp, your ship basically just becomes a data point, no model rendered to other players (assuming you also have multiplayer functionality), make it so that space feels MASSIVE, but gamedata wise make it so that as soon as you're X distance away, stop attempting to render high detail things. Make it so that you could have a tiny asteroid base in a realistically empty asteroid belt and if you don't put out anything sensors would pick up, a ship could fly right by and never notice.
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