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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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Well Nemesis had a good premise, and good ideas, really.
I disagree. I don't even think it has that.

Here's my imaginary studio meeting where Logan pitches the story to Berman:

Berman: We'll need an A-story and a B-story. Hit me.

Logan: Okay, Data, right? Data... wait for it... Commander Data of the starship Enterprise... (dramatic pause) ...HAS A TWIN!

Berman: Um... okay, didn't we already do that on the TV show? Oh, well, never mind. Maybe that could be the B-story. Now how about a really cinematic A-story?

Logan: Yeah, yeah, gotcha. Okay. Here it is. Are you ready? Captain Picard... (dramatic pause) ...HAS A TWIN!
To be fair, they always used Data to parallel Picard's character arc.

Generations: Picard loses his family and has to deal with extreme pain and grief. Data experiences emotions for the first time and his emotion chip overloads. By seeing Data give up the battle against his new emotions, Picard realizes how he himself needs to win his own battle.

First Contact: Picard was kidnapped and raped by the Borg, and he could never have his vengeance. Data gets kidnapped, but unlike Picard, he is tempted to join the collective. Both share their weird love for the Borg Queen.

Insurrection doesn't really do it, Data's arc is used against everybody's arc. Everybody gets young again, but Data doesn't. Instead, he learns from a kid what it's like to BE young.

Nemesis has Picard and his evil clone, and Data and his mentally challenged twin brother. It's basically what they did in Generations. With the exception that this time Data gives advice on life to Picard. Because Data realizes the difference between him and B-4, and the difference between Picard and Shinzon. The life lesson is even delivered in the stellar cartography chamber, just like in Generations.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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