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Ascension: The Phoenix Project

Bored of the same old Trek sims?

If your answer is yes why not visit Ascension: The Phoenix Project.

But what makes Ascension: The Phoenix Project different from the usual run of the mill Trek sims?

We are a totally independent sim group set in the year 2385

We don't have ships filled with positions nobody wants, how many of you really want to sim as a Transporter Chief or an Exobiologist? not many i'd guess which is why we at Ascension: The Phoenix Project only offer the positions people want to play.

We donít have dozens of ships with one or two crew, we have a few ships which we fill with crew and new ships only get commissioned when we have the crew to fill them, we see no point in having a multitude of ships with just the CO and his pet Tribble, simmers want to sim, not hang about waiting for a crew to show up! So no matter which ship in Ascension: The Phoenix Project you choose to serve on youíll be simming from day one.

We donít have one single person in charge, all decisions regarding the group are made by and voted upon by a council of members.

We provide a full and extensive training service for all newcomers to the group, we donít believe in throwing you in at the deep end.

So if you fancy a sim where youíll get full training, a position where youíll actually be doing something, a sim where no one person has the rule of law and where the number of ships is sensible and not wasteful then visit

Ascension: The Phoenix Project

Our academy can be found at


Some of our ships

Galen Station

USS Epsilon

Vasparken Space Dock
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