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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by Dorian Thompson:
I'm just saying that you'd think Trucco was an Edward Norton caliber actor from the way Katee raves about him in that interview and campaigned for him to get back on the show. You can tell she really thinks his character is great for Starbuck.
Yeah, see this is what I don't get. What exactly does she see in the character, actor or relationship, beacuse I got nothing from it at all. I saw the whole thing as monumentally boring and arbitrary. Not to mention rather cliched.

Ah well, things will play out as they will. Fortunately, there is enough to this show that if you find one part distaseful or dull, you can just concentrate on any of a number of other fun and fantastic things. :thumbsup:
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