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Re: the ceiling of Kirk`s Bridge - transparent?

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The why did it break like glass in Generations?
Seems like they'd have been better off using some flexible plastic or other "20th century equivalent"
Everytime, every f*** time someone mentions Generations it's about something bad in that movie. Either it's Troi piloting the ship, or a Klingon Bird of Prey shouldnt be able to destroy a Galaxy ship, the Nexus don't make sense, the special effects were recycled, Kirk's death was lame, Soran was lame, the Klingon women were lame, the Enterprise-B was lame, Picard cried like a schoolgirl or some other bantha poodoo like that.

Generations never happened. It's Star Trek's "The Star Wars Holiday Special".

I heartly agree with that RedLetterMedia guy from youtube.
Well we have to keep ourselves amsued by picking apart plot holes.
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