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Re: Best movie to watch?

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First Contact gets my vote as well. I get the criticism of Picard acting out of character. Perhaps his rage would be more understandable if he hadn't already encountered the Borg two additional times after his Locutus experience. He didn't seem to be flying off the handle in "I Borg" and "Descent." Granted there seemed to be a lot more at stake in First Contact and perhaps at this point he was just fed up with the Borg. His character didn't really detract from the movie in my opinion.
He was shown to deal with his rage in I Borg. And in Descent, they never encountered the real Borg.

This was the first time after Best of Both Worlds that Picard confronted the actual Borg collective again. Got haunted by voices in his head and nightmares. They attacked Earth a second time and he was again the ONLY one that stood between mankind and the Borg. And he was fighting a losing battle.
A movie aiming low should not be praised for hitting that target.
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