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Re: Sulu and Chekov, not in Space Seed

I heard there was a scene cut from "Space Seed" that explained how Khan remembers Chekov so well:

Chekov (entering transporter room where Khan and Marla McGivers are waiting): "Keptin Kirk asked me to take care of beaming you down to Alpha Ceti 5."
Khan: "I should be insulted that your captain sends a mere menial to see us off!"
Chekov (clearly insulted): "Nevertheless, I am ready to transport, if you vill just step onto the platform."
Khan: "And what about our supplies?"
Chekov: "I vill beam them down immediately afterward."
Khan: "Make certain you do not forget the coffee and cigarettes!"
Chekov (sotto voce to himself while smiling): "Yeah, right, asshole."

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