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Re: NBA 2012-13 Discussion

Unless his hamstring is ripped in half, Parker will play - and even then I'd list him only as "doubtful".

Read an interesting stat on the Spurs this morning: they've never trailed (in wins/losses) in any of their Finals series'. That is truly amazing and is a tribute even more to their coaches than players, I think. OTOH, they've played in only 5.

Spurs shot the lights out last night. I don't see that continuing through another game. In fact, the way it goes in the NBA, I wouldn't be surprised if the Spurs weren't able to (as the Late Chick Hearn used to say) "throw a pea in th ocean" for large parts of game 4 (especially Gary Neal). But because of the way they've been playing defense, they still might win.

Heat, of course, MUST win game 4 or it will be another failure by "The King". This year, neither he, nor his jockers, nor the adoring media, can blame a loss on lack of time together, or lack of talent.

But the Heat needs only one win. That sends it back to Miami where the Heat have more than a chance. Series reminds me of Lakers/Celts '84. Lakers split the first two in Boston and routed the Celts in game 3 (like the Spurs just did). Celts, though, won game 4 (by taking the Lakes out of their game) and won game 5 in Boston and an eventual game 7 in Boston. The Heat are in the C's position and the Spurs in the Lakes.

But the BIG difference, the '84 series was played in the 22111 so Game 5 was in Boston. This series, in the 2-3-2, game 5 will be in SA.

Of course, I could end up being dead wrong, but I think Miami is still in pretty good shape -- as long as they win game 4.
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