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That's great Kestra.

My Dad and brother's birthdays are next to mine in March so I know what its like to celebrate community birthdays. It's awesome when you can focus on one person with a big event.
Yeah! It's fun to celebrate together but every now and then it's nice to focus on one person.

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What a great idea! That's one heck of a nice spread.'re turning 30?? You whipppersnapper, you. I barely remember 30.
I've had mixed feelings about turning 30 but overall I'm feeling pretty well and looking forward to my 30s. I have two good friends out here who had birthdays within the past month and we decided to drive down to Monterey/Carmel this weekend and get a hotel one night. Beach, shopping, wine-tasting ... I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday!

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Kestra, that looks like a wondrous spread to celebrate your Mom's birthday. So cool that you guys did that for her.
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