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Re: Offiical XBox (3) Launch Thread

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Jumping to the PS4 as a knee-jerk reaction is (IMO) folly, as I'm convinced something else will come up that will horrify the Sony customer base (with a growing population of XBox defectors) and make them want to run back into the loving arms of mama MS (also folly).
You're entitled to believe what you wish, but unless there's any evidence for your beliefs it's about as meaningful to this discussion as a fart.

Nobody is jumping anywhere, and nobody is defecting to anything. We're consumers choosing between two next-gen consoles and what we own in the current gen has little bearing on that decision, especially considering neither of these consoles is backward compatible. One of those companies gives the impression they're ignoring consumers while the other is attempting to alleviate our concerns, so the latter is obviously enjoying more support from enthusiasts right now. You're right in that things could change in the coming months, Sony could screw up somehow, or Microsoft could backtrack on some of their DRM. I would not encourage anyone to put money down on either of them right now, I certainly don't plan to. But if someone put a gun to my head right now and forced me to choose, I have a clear favourite.
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