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Re: Was the reveal of the Enterprise-A a big surprise?

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I've never understood why folks think the Enterprise was decommissioned at the end of TUC. The crew was, yes. But the ship? Kirk's final Captain's Log at the end confirms that the ship will go on.
And yet, in Generations, the 1701-B is commissioned. Same year as VI I think.
Exactly. My impression at the end of TUC was that the crew was standing down (Being decommissioned is an odd way of saying this) and that a new crew would be taking over the Enterprise, which would have a good 10+ years of service left. I was a little miffed to find in GEN that the 1701-B was launched within a year of TUC (if you do the math), making that assumption impossible. In-Universe it would appear that Kirk thought the ship would remain in service, but was wrong.
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