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Re: "Pilgrim Of Eternity" - is it good enough?

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Ummm... I can still like Star Trek Continues and JJ Abrams Trek too, right?
There are over 700 hours of canon Trek in one form or another; Crom only knows how many hours there are of unsanctioned Trek ranging from fan-films to parodies.

Then there are all the novels, comics, and audio dramas out there; again both authorized and unauthorized. If you include all the fanfic, I would not be surprised to find out there's over a billion words of Trek fiction in the wild.

The way I see it, every person is allowed to like as much or as little of it as they want, for whatever reason they want.

I liked both Continues and the 2009 movie - I expect to like ID when I see it.
Yes, I completely agree with you, DCR. I should have mentioned my tongue was firmly planted in my cheek when I posted my above question. I love most Trek. It's why I've been a fan for more than 35 years. I simply have never understood the vitriol over the different incarnations of Trek that don't appeal to some. For instance - ENT is not my cup of tea. I don't slam people for enjoying it and generally stay away from that area of the board.

Back on topic, I loved this episode of Trek Continues! I thought the story and the filming was closest I've seen of TOS yet for a fan production. Well done! And I love JJTrek too. STiD is fantastic! IMHO, of course...
Now that I've seen it, and have also had time to mellow, to really think about it, I now find it absolutely, unbearably repulsive in every way except for some of the acting. - about The Wrath of Khan. Interstat, Issue 62: 1982
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