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Re: Vintage FX: Star Trek vs Lost in Space

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I wonder how the 33-inch Enterprise model might have looked on wires, in front of paintings.
Like a plastic model in front of a painting. If the 33-inch had the detailing of the new Round2 version of this scale, perhaps using it as a primary miniature would work, but it would still be a tough sale due to the fictional size of the ship. That's why the best Seaview miniatures for Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea were of the larger scale, as the detail and scale in ocean surface shots played as real, while the smaller versions looked like someone pushing the Aurora model kit through a swimming pool.

Not only was the 11-footer too big to put in front of paintings, they say it was too big to photograph in a versatile way, period. Or the fx studio space they had was too small
I think the "limitations" of the 11 footer movement added to the idea that it was a massive vessel, which made the "warp" flybys even more impressive.

If the 11-footer were in a larger studio, they could have put it in front of a black curtain with lit pin-holes for stars. You could put a physical planet model in the shot. It would either look "wonderfully organic" or cheesy beyond all measure. Don't know which.
Cheesy. It would be no more convincing than a window display of AMT ST kits I recall from childhood--cool in a play value kind of way, but not anything to sell to audiences.
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