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Re: Which Star Trek movie has got the most plot holes? And the least?

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Well Nemesis had a good premise, and good ideas, really.
I disagree. I don't even think it has that.

Here's my imaginary studio meeting where Logan pitches the story to Berman:

Berman: We'll need an A-story and a B-story. Hit me.

Logan: Okay, Data, right? Data... wait for it... Commander Data of the starship Enterprise... (dramatic pause) ...HAS A TWIN!

Berman: Um... okay, didn't we already do that on the TV show? Oh, well, never mind. Maybe that could be the B-story. Now how about a really cinematic A-story?

Logan: Yeah, yeah, gotcha. Okay. Here it is. Are you ready? Captain Picard... (dramatic pause) ...HAS A TWIN!
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