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My favourite movie and my least favourite movie both have actors in. I guess it's hypocritical to favour one over the other.
The sad thing is, you likely believe that is what everyone is talking about.
You're right. I'm most likely an idiot.
Nope. But when you dig in on a certain position, it becomes harder and harder to dig out. Trust me I use to be a master at digging the hole so deep that no argument, no matter how rational, could drill its way though my thick skull.

I can understand the argument that the story doesn't work, the actors don't fit the part, dislike the set designs, dislike the spaceship designs, dislike lens-flares...

But when we're nitpicking things that have happened in pretty much every incarnation of Trek, I think perspective has been lost. We're down to some posters complaining about Spock running because it looks awkward. Nimoy looked awkward when he ran and I've never seen a single person lodge that as a complaint against TOS.
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