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Re: The Lieutenant Uhura Appreciation Thread

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Often acknowledged as one of TOS's most important characters from the perspective of representing the diversity of Gene Roddenberry's future, the scripts seldom acknowledged that role. The Animated Series and the new movies are redressing the balance, but Uhura had some excellent and memorable scenes in the original series, even if the scripts rarely gave her more than a passing chance to impact on a story.

Here are some of my favourite Uhura Moments. What are yours?

TEASING MISTER SPOCK IN "CHARLIE X". A showcase for Nichelle Nichols beautiful singing talents (I could watch her voice all day ), it's a wonderful scene that shows Uhura's playful nature.

THE 'FAIR MAIDEN' SCENE IN "THE NAKED TIME". A small but hilarious quip from Uhura. When refered to as a "fair maiden" by the sword toting Mister Sulu, Uhura's subtle response is "Sorry, neither".

STANDING UP TO KHAN IN "SPACE SEED". A small but noteworthy scene IMO. I always loved how even though he slaps her around a bit, Uhura is defiant against Khan to the very end, refusing to do his bidding. A great scene that shows Uhura has got some real fight in her.

SEDUCING MIRROR SULU IN "MIRROR, MIRROR". One of the most praised Uhura scenes, but "Mirror, Mirror" serves the entire cast very well. Another example is that Uhura gets her own fight scene at the end, taking down the Mirror Marlene.

DEALING WITH 'MISTER ADVENTURE' IN "STAR TREK III: THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK". Probably my favorite scene in the whole movie. "You wanted adventure? How's this? The old adrenalin going? Good boy! Now get in the closet." And I love McCoy's rejoiner to her: "I'm glad you're on our side."
Its a shame they didn't keep all that in mind when devising Nu-Uhura (who I loathe in 09 and STID). All they've done is make her a needless love interest and made her really iritating.

The proper Uhura was a strong but gentle woman of intelligence and elegance, who spoke more by simply being present on the Bridge. It is a shame she wasn't more developed, but the same could be said about any of Sulu, Scotty or Chekov.
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