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Re: The Defiance Thread - News about the Show and Game

He mentioned beads, which we have seen Stahma wearing in the bath before, in the pilot or episode 2. This was a different garment, more a pair of fabric straps spirit-gummed over her not-fit-for-TV bits.

Ah, thanks. I wonder if the beads serve another function, other than just decoration, then, if she chose not to wear them while bathing alone.

That does seem to be the way to go. However, minus the blood, Yewll was treating a patient when Nolan entered and making disapproving noises. Having seen the game commercials, I assumed that patient had symptoms of the plague (possibly very early symptoms that could have been plague-related or just as easily some other virus/illness). Then the woman came in with definitive symptoms, which only confirmed it for Yewll. The game trailer (see below) hints at them trying to warn someone about the outbreak (The trailer makes it clear that a group nearby heard it, but I don't know if it was for them or broadcast for a larger audience). Yewll might have heard the warning and knew it would only be a matter of time before it hit Defiance, therefore, instead of diagnosing a plague based on one patient, she could have been using the information in the warning. Being Indogene, she might have been hooked up to some technology which allowed her to receive information quicker. Perhaps her technological implants allow for communication with other Indogenes, quite possible the one who dies in the trailer.

Apparently, this is Defiance's way of bringing zombies or zombie-like creatures into the show/game.

Well, that's my point, it didn't seem a "I see movement" type of reaction, but more of a "I know that's Gordon" reaction. Again, I'm allowing for him saying something that we couldn't hear, but either way, it's cliche. I'm still wondering if it's real or Amanda's fantasy of what's happening. The show did play it as if it was real, but they stopped short of making it definitive.
I think the woman saw a shadow on her sheets.

As for the plague, it seems to have originated in San Francisco area(in the game) and is now moving across the continent. So the doctor may have already had of the relentlessly repetitive soldiers guarding the plague victims (in game) says something like "If this gets to Manhattan it'll be a disaster for the Republic" -hinting that SF is the starting point...
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