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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

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It was a smugger smirk than you see here! I don't remember everything about Rush's story but it's quite shocking that he just dialed that 9nth chevron when he could have taken them to another planet. I found myself admiring him a bit for being such a bastard though, and oddly he is not repulsing me as much as the first time I watched this show. At that time I could barely stand to look at him I thought he was so creepy and I would still like to make him stop parting his hair in the middle like that. But some of the repulsion has worn off.
To be fair, from what I recall of SGU, all the Icarus planets directly connected the stargates to the naquadria cores, which is a horrible idea when 1) naquadria is horrifically unstable and 2) power surges to the stargate have been shown to fling people out at high velocities and/or jump the connection to other nearby planets. Rush probably figured that having everyone show up in one place really faraway from Earth alive was better than scattering them all over the galaxy in various states of injury.
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