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Re: Atheism, and "Bread and Circuses"

Seska, warning for the slur.

There is no place for slurs of any type on the BBS.

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iguana_tonante wrote: View Post
Since T'Bonz asked, I'll drop it. Well, mostly.
When I say drop it, I MEAN drop it. I'm really trying not to throw a warning on you for ignoring that. I was trying to get the thread back on track and calm things down and you had to have the last word because you were pissed at no warnings.

If we miss something that should be handled, do what you eventually did, mod notify. And give it time - we sleep, have to do things IRL etc. But DO NOT ignore what we say. We don't say our things to be dicks, but to keep things from escalating and spiraling out of control.

I think this thread has gone on long enough.
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