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Re: What stories from history would you like to see made into movies?

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Corporate greed that highlights Aspartme or Light bulb conspiracy, or medical companies using people as lab mice
something like 'erin brockovich' or 'the insider' but with a more speedy pace and more thought provoking

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Well, that's a new on on me. The Sultana blew up and sank because of a shoddy repair job on a leaky boiler.

Still, the Sultana disaster would make a good direct-to-cable/DVD movie. Probably not enough interest in the subject to warrant a theatrical release.

It was a terrorist attack, four boilers exploding at the same time more than coincidence and the government didn't pursue it because ending the civil war that killed millions was more important (200 thousand combatants and another civilian 850,000 from starvation, destruction, disease)
Sabotage terrorism was common place in the war, you'd get a log or a big chunk of coal, hollow the fuel object out
and pack in the insides of it with an explosive like dynamite
As the boys pick up their coal or logs and throw them into the fire of the ship, little do they know they are chucking torpedos into their own ship. Explosive dynamite residue was found in the remains, Robert Louden a southern communicator and solider, made a deathbed confession of having sabotaged Sultana by a coal torpedo bomb.

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