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And those who didn't have 'fun' and didn't find it to be a 'fun' movie are joyless douchebags and the movie is perfect and immune from criticism so ner?
This was also said:

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And your not looking in the right threads because many people who like the film haven't been shy about its flaws.
I don't think one person has said its flawless and there's over 4000 posts about STID. Perhaps the most they've said is that they don't CARE about the flaws or other things they love and admire have flaws.
Yes, but it seems to be okay to admit to not caring about the flaws of STID yet try to do the same for TWOK or FC and you're labelled a hypocrite.

They all have flaws and would you care to point to a post where you were labelled a hypocrite?
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