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Re: Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

I enjoyed the 3-part Opener more than I remember liking anything in Season 1, but, thinking back on it, what really turned me off of S1 when watching it in first run, was all the constant cat-fighting, and being unable to care about any of the characters or their character arcs or the arc in general, I woulda spaced just about everyone on that ship. So, hopefully, this is a good sign that I enjoyed the opener, but, I suspect it's only because the opener was different than the upcoming episodes. I also have a new appreciation for Rush, after having seen him for the last 2 seasons in Once Upon A Time, I suspect within a couple more episodes, I'll be ready to space Rush again, though I hope not, I really do want to enjoy the show all the way through, it's mostly a good show, it just didn't appeal to me first time through.

As you say, the editing with the flashbacks did make it a choppy mess, and hard to get your bearings, but, I enjoyed it for the most part, though it did start to drag on "Sand World"

The shuttle at the end, was actually the thing that kept me hanging in until S2 when I actually started enjoying the show. I was so intrigued by it, and had to know what was up with it, and what arcs it would lead to.

In my first watch through during First Run, Greer was at the top of my "Space him now" list, it wasn't until the episode in S2 where they are trapped (Via stone-travel) on Earth in the Bunker that I was able to start appreciating him, and I enjoyed him more each episode thereafter. In my rewatch of the opener, my feelings haven't changed, he still annoys me in a bad way, but, at least I know his character gets better
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