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Re: Falling Skies - season 3

All good Christians and political conservatives believe in free will, so that crap about mind control is obviously an excuse. The skitters therefore are alien invaders and all deserve to die. And our heroes will most heroic if they can steel themselves to do the dirty work.

Of course, in the fictional universe it's absurd for the characters to believe that the skitters are morally culpable. Often the problem for SF is that the emergence, even in disguised form, of real issues (unlike most of television,) is still accompanied by moral cowardice. In a fictional context, some of the characters should be looking at the skitters as the aliens most likely, by far, to be genuine allies, who've earned a place on Earth. And those who don't think so are unlikely to be as badass as Pope, still the worst character on the show. Basically anyone who would hold those positions in this context is just a hateful boob. But showing this is far to close to saying that to make peace with "our" enemies, who are always depicted as an alien Other, requires we actually surrender something. Oh, my. Better to leave weird holes in the plot and weak or irrational characters! Or have Pope as the alternate hero for assholes to identify with.
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