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Re: Thinking of a new laptop? -- DON'T BUY HP (see why inside)

^^^ Yep - one of the first companies I worked for had Compaq's all over the place. I opened one up once to replace a failed power supply and I couldn't because the OEM Compaq power supply housing (at least back then) was oddly shaped - almost at a slant - with different screw hole configurations and could not be replaced by an industry-standard supply that everyone else was using at the time. There were also issues with replacing memory and other components that seemed to be proprietary to the Compaq architecture.

At the time, I understood it was intentionally designed that way to be competitively priced with the big boys (Gateway, Dell, IBM, DEC, etc.) and deliver comparable, if not higher performance. Problem was, if anything broke (and it did frequently back then), you were SOL and had to get OEM-only parts, which were considerably more expensive when they were not already included inside the computer. I shit on Compaq, and on HP by proxy.
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