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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

This seems by far the best place for my first post. :thumbsup:

One or two members may recognize my username from Trekunited and I've also posted every now and again at both Trekweb & Star

I turned 29 yesterday and got interested in Star Trek with TWOK and TOS reruns on the BBC here in the UK during the early 80s. I watched TNG in my teens, and all the later spin offs right up until the cancellation of Enterprise. This led directly to me checking out my first internet forums... With the exception of TOS, all the series seemed to have improved greatly as they got to their 3rd & 4th seasons. So I'm still cut-up that the NX-01's voyages got cut short.

I look forward to stopping by, chatting & reading people's thoughts on the various series.
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