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Re: "Heroes" could be uncancelled.

Heroes was the best portrayal of the path superhero franchises in the comic book medium take that I've ever seen.

It started off as exciting. Then became a mess of characters dying and being resurrected every other installment, heroes turning out to be related to each other, long-lost relatives being the villains, power swapping, characters switching between good and evil for no clear reason, and increasingly frequent resets in the mythology that made it unclear what was actually still canon.

It was a fairly accurate representation of modern Marvel and DC. Season 3 was so utterly incomprehensible that I had to quit. A show where absolutely any action in terms of both physical and the behaviour could be reset. Characters would switch backstories, powers and personalities every other episode. I've never seen a show with more frequent fucking around with the continuity. It made each episode completely lack consequence as anything could be reset.
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