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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Posted by Dorian Thompson:
Holy Schmoly! More spoilers from thesecretcylon live journal community, courtesty of a poster called Indy535. Some excerpts from an interview with Jamie Bamber just posted there.

Normally I lurk here, and I hate that my first post here is a cranky one, but can I ask, while I don't mind spoilers from
The Secret Cylon being posted to other sites, could you have the courtesy to (a) ask the original poster if you can cut and paste direct details from their post, (b) post a link to the thread & (c) get the details right.

I know that the guys over at Galactica Actual ask the same thing. While The Secret Cylon is not a members only site and we are happy for spoilers to be shared, a lot of people work hard to gather them for other people's enjoyment, and it would be nice if their effort was actually acknowleged.

FYI, there is no member of that community called INDY535, and considering how bloody long it took me to retype that part of the interview I should know who the original poster was. You even copied my typos!

The quotes themsleves were taken from the UK scifi magazine "Starburst" Magazine, if other people want to track it down. There is a lot more detail in the full interview, and hopefully scans of that will go up on The Secret Cylon over the weekend. I will post a link to that here if people want

As for your specific questions re Kara being drunk,

Are they saying that Starbuck was drunk on duty and that contributes to her shooting Lee accidentally when he's held hostage? That isn't going to endear her to anyone, least of all Papa Adama if he finds out.

more details from the interview are that that Lee has gone to Cloud Nine with the friend who in mentioned earlier, the on-and-off one, (and who I think, from other spoilers, video-blogs and script-spoilers is Dee) to relax and have a drink. The hostage situation starts and Kara, who is drunk , possibly elsewhere, gets involved and things got from bad to worse.
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