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Stargate Universe Rewatch: Now with teacake

Okay and also with Sindatur but I have fatheadedly left him out of the title because he told me to go ahead and start the thread. This is a rewatch thread so spoilers are allowed. I hope we can get a few people watching along!

I'm very much in the mood for this rewatch, have only seen SG:U once and that was before I saw Stargate. Watched them in the order of SG:A, SG:U, SG. Silly. So there are some stargatey things in SG:U which will make more sense this time around.

Air, extended version: This is the first time I've seen the extended rather than broadcast version. There was exactly one scene I thought was new, where James has a big whine at Young about "why don't you ask me how I am, wah wah" which really is an awful scene. James was underused through the show but this scene only makes her look bad. Someone correct me quick if this was in the broadcast version and I just blanked it out.

SG:U starts off with a bang, great opening with everyone throwing themselves through the stargate. Rush stands on a balcony above them all, surveying the chaos with a disturbing little smirk on his face..

It was a smugger smirk than you see here! I don't remember everything about Rush's story but it's quite shocking that he just dialed that 9nth chevron when he could have taken them to another planet. I found myself admiring him a bit for being such a bastard though, and oddly he is not repulsing me as much as the first time I watched this show. At that time I could barely stand to look at him I thought he was so creepy and I would still like to make him stop parting his hair in the middle like that. But some of the repulsion has worn off. Telford is still horrible though.

I'd forgotten about Eli getting beamed up, what a great scene that is. The whole O'Neill dry wit and then it actually happens! And it sucks too. You know they would have taken him even if he had said, "no thanks, never did like mom so keep your free medicine." I guess they would have just thrown money at him, or whatever they thought his vulnerable points were.

It was better than I remembered. The obnoxious senator sacrificing himself was kind of moving. The gloriously hot Park was nice to see, I'm watching her in Continuum but she's better as Park.

I think the switching back and forth between how they got there and what's going on now makes the pilot overly choppy. Still, enjoyed it.

Greer is a very well acted brute!

Shuttle taking off in the end was mysterious.. didn't remember that.

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