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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Oh I'm waiting for Sharon's cylon side to emerge as soon as her happy little family doesn't turn out like the Brady Bunch. Sharon has yet to express any moral revulsion to my satisfaction. That's why I've always wanted them to kill off Helo. Is it the humans, Sharon, or is it Helo? I think it's just Helo. She'd be as deadly as the rest of the cylons were it not for him.

Helo's nice, but he's completely sidelined. It's as if his purpose is done. He's not a pilot, a CAG, a commander or a deck's mechanic/engineer like Tyrol. He's not a commander's son or some wisecracking old chef who always knows what's going on in the mess hall. He's not a doctor or medic or lady of ill repute to keep the boys happy. He's not a knuckle dragger like Cally and the rest of chief's crew. It's as if Helo existed to impregnate Sharon and he's done his job. Now what?

As for Starbuck we'll have to wait and see, Trubinator. I never thought I'd see her mess up like this, but here we are. If Bill can overlook Lee getting shot--if--her slight intoxication contributed to it then I agree something's out of whack.

EDIT: Here's the proper link to those Bamber interview excerpts.


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