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Re: Into Darkness and the novelverse [SPOILERS]

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^To that I reply, "what happened to Nibiru in the Prime universe?" - it goes two ways.
Well, presumably given a highly experienced Kirk-Prime (as opposed to the greenhorn Abramsverse-Kirk), and an Enterprise that was much smaller, yet not designed to survive planetfall, it seems likely that the problem would be solved in a way that saved the species without contaminating them. In fact, given that this might very well have happened on Pike's watch in the Prime Universe, well, he and his unnamed exec would bring even more experience to the table. Submerging a nearly-galaxy-class-sized ship on a populated planet is, after all, kind of a greenhorn approach.
Pike seemed rather upset with Kirk for altering the planet's destiny - what makes you think he'd even try to save them? Even if Pike's Enterprise visited prior to the supervolcano's eruption, Nibiru Prime is most likely a wasteland.
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