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Re: J.J. Abrams enters The Twilight Zone

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No its not. It's hyperbolic BS. If you think that a woman at a bar picking up drinks for a her friends, who is hit by a guy and uses humor and sarcasm to shut him down is a "bar babe". Then I think you might want to turn in your feminist card. Ditto, if you assume that a woman who has scored in the top of her class and expects a position commensurate with that, challenges the person who gives her a lesser position. Nothing in their exchange implies Uhura was manipulating Spock through sex. That you think so speaks to your opinion of women, which doesn't seem very positive. Get your mind out of that gutter in the 1950s.
Heh. No, resorting to political dodges won't change anything.

You called Kirk a "delinquent loser". Not seeing that. Yeah Pike does refer to Kirk as "genius-level repeat offender". Key word is 'genius", not "offender". He also gets through the Academy in three yeasr and found a way to beat the Kobayashi Maru test. Is he all that different than Prime Kirk? The guy who was described a "not a Boy Scout" by his ex. Who also beat the Koyayashi Maru (Prime McCoy called it cheating). He regularly defied orders, pissed high level bureaucrat and gained a reputation as a "cowboy."
Interesting, because he was deliberately portrayed as a delinquent loser by the writers-- that was their purpose in killing off his father. In the original universe, he was a "positively grim" student. He beat the Kobayashi Maru by finding a way to beat the no-win scenario that they hadn't thought of-- nuKirk simply hacked the program and caused the Klingons to blow up for no reason. He was going to be kicked out of the academy for it, not given a commendation for original thinking.

Scotty's a "loser" because he got a punishment assignment because a piss off an Admiral while trying prove an engineering theory he had?
Yup, he was stuck in solitary confinement in some useless job.

Spock is a psycho? Was Prime Spock a psycho when he suggested they kill Gary Mitchell? When he rigged a torpedo to kill Chang? When he hijacked the ship on several occasions. When he tried to kill his commanding officer, more than once? When he threatened to kill McCoy?
Yes, he tried to kill Kirk twice. Premeditated the first time, since he had the option of the brig or confinement to quarters or sick bay, rather than shoot him off alone to crash on a hostile planet.

A bit light, considering that among the victims spread out over several star systems, are Kirk's brother and sister in law. ( and possibly his other nephews).
People often need a light moment after a traumatic experience. That situation is not even slightly analogous.

And, since you're getting so bent out of shape about the whole thing, I really have no interest in going over it all again and again.
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