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Re: Spoiler whore's thread! (enter at your own ris

Holy Schmoly! More spoilers from thesecretcylon live journal community, courtesty of a poster called Indy535. Some excerpts from an interview with Jamie Bamber just posted there.

Bamber: Apollo finally gets together with a certain someone on the show who he's had sort of an on and off relationship with for a while. Funnily enough, for the past few weeks, my character has suddenly had reason to kiss every woman under the sun, which has been a little crazy, but also rather fun....

....There's been a bit more back story on Apollo. He's had some encounters that either should or should not have happened, and as a result we're seeing a clearer picture of who this guy is because he's experienced some fairly gruelling moments that have slightly rattled him.....

From Black Market--
Bamber: We found out that Lee went through a very painful break-up just before the mini-series started. His girlfriend and fiancee told him she was pregnant and my character reacts badly because he never wanted to have children. She stormed off and then the end of the world happened with the Cylons attacking. Lee has been carrying the guilt around with him ever since and it's been a part of everything we've seen him do on the show. In Balck Market he transfers this guilt to someone else and tries to make amends for what he did through this other person....

We knew that Kara was responsible for Lee getting shot in that episode [in Sacrifice], but there's a major reveal as to why it happened.

Bamber: Starbuck is a little drunk and she gets involved, and then someone tries to be a hero and the situation goes from bad to worse....

Okay, we've established that Moore isn't afraid to tarnish his characters. Good stuff, huh? So, how would Lee have reacted had armageddon not conveniently occurred right after his fianceť told him she was pregnant? Adds some realism and a nice wrinkle to his over the top pissy behavior the first time he saw dad--and the way he acted with the chief the very first time for that matter when you think about it. Adds a little depth to that look of thankful, joyous despair that came over Apollo's face when his father embraced him the first time. Bamber's eyes were strikingly emotional; he'd looked at a picture of his mother with him and Zack as a child on his father's deak......I can believe that all this guilt was swimming around in his head, guilt compounded the more love he felt for his own father.

Are they saying that Starbuck was drunk on duty and that contributes to her shooting Lee accidentally when he's held hostage? That isn't going to endear her to anyone, least of all Papa Adama if he finds out.

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