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I don't expect people to universally hate the movie, but to at least acknowledge that it has flaws.
All the Star Trek movies have flaws. But ST:TMP and ST 2009 spoke to me like no other movies have (except maybe "Silent Running", "Barbarella", "The Hunt for Red October", "Master and Commander", "84 Charing Cross Road", "Somewhere in Time", "Galaxy Quest" and "The Fellowship of the Ring" coming close). Movies that make me forget that I'm watching a movie, and I pop out the other end totally blissed-out.

"Star Trek Into Darkness" felt like a seamless elongation of the 2009 movie. I couldn't say the same for ST II, which departed from so much from the elements that I'd loved about TMP. As much as other fans love ST II, I see mainly all the missed opportunities. I can see why fans disappointed in TMP love ST II instead, but I sometimes like to daydream of a series of films or telemovies every few months extending TMP (as "Phase II" had originally been planned to do).

I enjoyed ST III, ST IV and "First Contact" very much, but they just didn't immerse me the way I'd craved since TMP. ST V, "Generations" and "Nemesis" were just chockful of missteps. A fun night at the cinema, but for too many wrong reasons. ST VI and "Insurrection" were okay, but didn't fulfill me.

I could list nitpicks for all twelve films, but my favourite three get a free pass - 'cos they enthralled me!
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