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Re: TNG Caption This! 316: Brace for Comedy!

Ack, forgot to enter the last contest! Grats to the winners though!

Geordi: (whispering) I see dead people...

Riker/Guinan thinking: (If we stare at each other long enough and don't say anything maybe he'll go away)

Joe Piscopo: They think -I'm- the funniest comedian ever in the future? We're doomed.

Worf: Some alien technology?
Data: Scans indicate it is a chamber pot.

Captain's Log Supplimental: My security chief is a snarling brute who can't win a fight, my counselor can't do anything useful beyond state the obvious, my helmsman is blind, my first officer is an annoying boob and I can't go a week without my engineer doing something stupid to make me fire them. I truly am on the voyage of the damned.
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